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Meet the 'Study Tubers': The YouTubers making studying cool

OLDaily by Stephen Downes - Fri, 2018-04-06 16:07

Sophie van Brugen, BBC News, Apr 06, 2018

This is a short BBC video profiling 'study tubers' - people who are in school and record study tips and share advice with their friends. The videos are called 'revision videos', as in "revision for school exams". The speaker is named Jade and here is her YouTube channel (BBC doesn't link to it for some reason; I had to search for it). Here's one called Revision With Eve. Also Ibz Mo from Cambridge. Even some teachers are getting into the act. There are also revision music videos, like this. I had never heard of the concept of 'revision' when I was in school, but the study techniques weren't new to me. My own approach was analytical: I would organize and classify concepts, rewriting books, lectures, whatever, creating logical structures out of the material, which in turn were easy to remember. A lot like this. Also: no cramming. Ever. You'll notice that I still learn by rewriting - that's how this newsletter gets created.

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8 French Startups Revolutionizing Career Counseling

OLDaily by Stephen Downes - Fri, 2018-04-06 15:42

Camille Pons, Nina Fink, Actualités EducPros, Apr 06, 2018

This is a short English version of a slightly longer article in French. What I like is that each of the eight companies takes a different approach to career counseling. Pixis uses a constellation of 731 careers. Impala has an interactive career map that adapts to user responses. Studizz Bot uses high school students’ academic profiles. And so on. 

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If you want to understand Blockchain, try to understand Switzerland

Online learning update by Ray Schroeder - Fri, 2018-04-06 02:10

by Jeremy Epstein, ClickZ

In our latest guest post from Jeremy Epstein, he takes a high-level view of Switzerland’s decentralized governance model, which gives us a sneak peek into what blockchain-based governance may enable at global scale.  Ethereum is the world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, with a total market cap of $75 billion dollars.  This new economic paradigm relies on blockchain, or more accurately distributed ledger, technology. What makes Buterin’s invention so special is that it takes the fundamental innovation of Bitcoin – that you can immediately have total trust in another entity without a third-party vouching for that entity- and adds a powerful layer.


If you want to understand Blockchain, try to understand Switzerland

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Inflategate? After losing its #1 U.S. News ranking, Temple’s online MBA program faces many challenges

Online learning update by Ray Schroeder - Fri, 2018-04-06 02:05

by Erin Arvedlund, Inquirer

After scaling the heights, Temple’s online MBA program has hit a low point: The school topped U.S. News’ rankings for four straight years but then was completely dropped from the magazine’s prestigious national rankings this year for misrepresenting its data. A Temple MBA student is now suing the university, alleging that he and others were defrauded. And the Jones Day law firm has been hired to investigate what went wrong. The reversal threatens to tarnish the fast-growing online MBA program.

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Boost a Hospitality Career With Online Courses, Programs

Online learning update by Ray Schroeder - Fri, 2018-04-06 02:03

by Jordan Friedman, US News

For those looking to open a hotel or restaurant, plan events for a living or manage a travel agency or company, there are various ways to study hospitality online. “The hospitality industry covers things like the lodging piece, and the food and beverage piece, and the entertainment piece and the travel piece. It’s a very broad industry with lots of employment opportunities,” says Nancy Swanger, associate dean and director of the hospitality management school at the Washington State University Carson College of Business.

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Mikrozensus "Haushalts- und Familienstatistik"

Gesundheitsberichterstattung - Fri, 2018-04-06 00:00

Die im Informationssystem eingespeicherten gestaltbaren Tabellen aus dem "Mikrozensus - Haushalts- und Familienstatistik" des Statistischen Bundesamtes wurden um das Jahr 2016 ergänzt.

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5×5 R’s of Ours (An OER17 Flashback)

OLDaily by Stephen Downes - Thu, 2018-04-05 21:13

Brian Lamb, Abject, Apr 05, 2018

The premise is simple: "We knew that the 5 Rs were a useful and powerful shorthand to capture the permissions inherent with open educational resources… But were there other Rs that captured the messy, energizing, frustrating and life-affirming elements of being a live human being that is learning?" ooo, I want to play; here's a set for idealists: recognize, reclaim, restore, raise, reify. I also like that the lists were licensed with Copylove. This looks like Creative Commons, but with more ontology and less law, something I can get into. My main objection to Creative Commons in general is that it lets the lawyers win, when really, I don't want to grant them any claim at all over what I do with my work. Copylove, it seems to me, lets the artists win.

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Announcement: Spectrum goes Open Source!

OLDaily by Stephen Downes - Thu, 2018-04-05 20:30

Max Stoiber, Spectrum, Apr 05, 2018

I love rabbit-holes. Here's one. This post announces that Spectrum has gone open source. "Spectrum makes it easy to grow safe, successful online communities that are built to last." There's definitely a need for this, so I logged in, created my account, and started exploring. I created a community for MOOCs and joined a one-member community for e-learning. That member, Justin Mutchell, linked to a GitHub repository for something called the Adapt framework, which is supports an "e-learning authoring tool that creates fully responsive, multi-device, HTML5 e-learning content." Here's their showcase. I tried to load the course in a gRSShopper iFrame, but it wasn't happening (maybe because of browser security limitations).

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Facebook Scans Your Messenger Conversations and Sometimes Humans Read Them

OLDaily by Stephen Downes - Thu, 2018-04-05 19:11

Justin Pot, How-To Geek, Apr 05, 2018

My view is: just stay away from anything related to Facebook. " Facebook routinely scans your Messenger conversations, and in some cases human employees may review them." As Justin Pot writes, " Facebook, for what its worth, says that Messenger conversations are not scanned for advertising purposes. I can’t help but wonder how long that stays true." As he notes, Google has been scanning email for this purpose for a decade (which is why I don't use Gmail).

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Padlet’s Price Update Riles Teachers, Raises Questions About Sustainability of Freemium Models

OLDaily by Stephen Downes - Thu, 2018-04-05 13:34

Tony Wan, EdSurge, Apr 05, 2018

I have long argued inside government circles that we should be setting up and offering services like this as part of our overall support to education. This is the approach that has been undertaken with success elsewhere and the approach that underlies support for things like BC Campus and Campus Ontario. In this article, we see clearly why. The once free service Padlet will now cost about $10 a month. That's not a lot, but school budgets are too inflexible to allow for this (and while I know a lot of teachers will pay it out of their own pocket, they shouldn't have to).

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Is ‘Reproducibility Crisis’ Overblown?

OLDaily by Stephen Downes - Thu, 2018-04-05 13:17

Rachael Pells, Inside Higher Ed, Apr 05, 2018

A new study has failed to reproduce the reproducibility crisis. "A review of more than 40 recent studies on reproducibility has led Daniele Fanelli, a fellow in methodology at the London School of Economics and Political Science, to conclude that, although misconduct and questionable research methods do occur in 'relatively small' frequencies, there is “no evidence” that the issue is growing." This summary illustrates the problem perfectly. Different metastudies produce different results, depending on the studies they accept as valid. The phrase 'relatively small' is subject to interprtation. And the assertion that it is 'not growing' is very different from 'it does not exist'.

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Where Do Digital Learning Innovation Evangelists Gather?

Online learning update by Ray Schroeder - Thu, 2018-04-05 02:10

by Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed

There is a new sort of gig in higher ed: the digital learning innovation evangelist. Who are these people? What do they do? Are their jobs really different from leadership roles that have come before? What is their professional home? What is their professional association? And where do they gather? These are all good questions. One place where I’ll be trying to get some answers is this summer’s SOLA+R: Summit for Online Leadership and Administration + Roundtable. This University Professional and Continuing Education Association event brings together folks who are thinking about digital and online learning through an institutional lens. I’ve gotten involved in UPCEA through my work as an (unpaid) fellow for the association’s National Council for Online Education.

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10 Tips for Up-and-Coming CIOs

Online learning update by Ray Schroeder - Thu, 2018-04-05 02:05

By Rhea Kelly, Campus Technology

What does it mean to be a higher education chief information officer? For those aspiring to the position, it can be a daunting combination of technical know-how and business savvy, diplomacy and communication, management skills and more. We asked IT leaders at colleges and universities across the country what advice they would give someone looking to become a CIO — what they have learned from serving in the role, what newbies should watch out for, what is most important to know. Here’s what they said.

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Dreamers Offered Access to Online Courses at Southern New Hampshire University

Online learning update by Ray Schroeder - Thu, 2018-04-05 02:02

By Cait Etherington, eLearning Inside

In early March, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), in collaboration with The Shapiro Foundation and TheDream.US, announced plans to offer 1,000 DACA students full scholarships to pursue associate and bachelor’s degree programs at SNHU. Dreamers who pursue the program will have access to both SNHU’s on-campus and extensive online program offerings.

Dreamers Offered Access to Online Courses at Southern New Hampshire University

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Frequenzstatistik - Umsatzstärkste ärztliche Leistungen

Gesundheitsberichterstattung - Thu, 2018-04-05 00:00

Die im Informationssystem eingespeicherte gestaltbare Tabelle aus dem Bereich "Frequenzstatistik" der Kassenärztlichen Bundesvereinigung wurde um die Angaben des Jahres 2016 ergänzt.

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Welt-Parkinson-Tag am 11.04.2018

Gesundheitsberichterstattung - Thu, 2018-04-05 00:00
Ausgewählte Informationen zum Welt-Parkinson-Tag am 11.04.2018
Categories: Science News

Publication of LRMI controlled vocabularies

OLDaily by Stephen Downes - Wed, 2018-04-04 21:39

Stuart Sutton, Learning Resource Metadata Initiative, Google Groups, Apr 04, 2018

I'm just reposting this verbatim, because it's chock-full o' links. "DCMI and its LRMI Task Group are pleased to announce the publication of a set of controlled vocabularies (enumerations) for use with existing learning resource properties. The vocabularies have been described using the Simple Knowledge Organization System (SKOS) and serialized in RDF Turtle.

  1. Alignment Type for use with 
  2. Educational Audience Role for use with 
  3. Educational Use for use with
  4. Interactivity Type for use with

A fifth vocabulary identifying the learning resource type for use with is still in development. These vocabulary additions can be found on the LRMI website at"

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The CWiC Framework: Context around Courseware

OLDaily by Stephen Downes - Wed, 2018-04-04 20:48

Michael Feldstein, e-Literate, Apr 04, 2018

This post is mostly a video about the Courseware in Context (CWiC) framework, which you can read about here. The idea of CWiC is to "help you make better-informed adoption and implementation decisions with the goal of advancing the adoption of high-quality digital courseware in higher education." As Michael Feldstein says (and I concur) "We've seen repeated failures in the market to create selection tools for curricular materials or edtech products." The approach of CWiC is to place these selection decisions into context. There are, as Tanya Joosten's says "'a million' different contextual variables, from classroom implementation to support to individual student needs." Thus "CWiC is an attempt to take a traditional product selection tool model and enrich it enough to account for all these contextual variables."

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How babies learn – and why robots can’t compete

OLDaily by Stephen Downes - Wed, 2018-04-04 20:25

Alex Beard, The Guardian, Apr 04, 2018

This article blends to major streams of thought: the first, as suggested in the title, describing how children actually learn (hint: it's not the encoding of content knowledge; that's how robots learn, not people), and the second, relating this to failed attempts to 'school' children from lower socio-economic backgrounds by cramming them and force-feeding them. "Erika Christakis, early-childhood expert and author of The Importance of Being Little, charts the slow descent in preschool learning from a multidimensional, ideas-based approach to a two-dimensional naming-and-labeling curriculum." I would add the word "yet" at the end of the title. Robots are not yet adaptive and interactive, but they will be. And that's when they'll slowly begin to assist learning.

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Millennials destroyed the rules of written English – and created something better

OLDaily by Stephen Downes - Wed, 2018-04-04 20:14

Rachel Thompson, Mashable, Apr 04, 2018

I have written in the past (in Speaking in LOLcats) how internet users have created a new online language of their own using (for example) images. This article describes how English-speaking internet users (not just 'millennials' and not all 'millennials') have reshaped some of the conventions of written language as well, using punctuation, capitalization, and abbreviation in non-standard ways. This isn't new to the most recent generation of internet users :) and probably won't stop happening.

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