Does Medical Education need a Nintendo Wii!?

The entertainment industry discovered medical case based simulations. Quoting Eliot Masie from his newletter:
Nintendo Wii has released a new simulation: Trauma Center: Second Opinion. The player is presented with a series of patients who have serious conditions. You are prompted to use a variety of medical interventions, from scanners, to medicines to scalpels and surgical needles. You stand up ... with a wireless device in each hand and "operate" on the patient, complete with very graphical detail and feedback.
This is an interesting way to make use of the strenghs in simulation of "real" environments that are inherent to entertainment consoles. It would be interesting to find out about the quality of the medical knowledge incorporated in the simulations. And if there are procedures in place to get an update if the knowledge needs to be updated.

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Does Medical Education need a Nintendo Wii?Yes,I think it's interesting.

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