Your lecture might be just a few clicks away

In today's lecture we talked about the possibility to freely access recorded lectures over the internet. This can be an alternative for students, if

  • they did miss a lecture
  • they want to hear it again in different words
  • they want a second opinion
  • they had problems understanding the content the first time
  • they want to elaborate their notes
  • they have to prepare for exams
  • their professor is just boring. Can that be possible?;-)

William Hogarth's 1736 engraving,  Scholars at...

William Hogarth's 1736 engraving, Scholars at a Lecture
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Unfortunately there is not just  one portal to go for good lectures. But maybe this choice offers also more possibilities for diversity.

Below I listed a few good starting points. Although I am not a student any more I just like to browse through them and pick a lecture that sounds interesting. There is just so much to learn. And if you don't like a lecture just choose a new one. You don't even have to stand up and leave the room. Also some lecture go really well with a glass of something good to drink. Again feel free to make your choice and experiment.

Here is my own collection of places to start with:

  • Academic Earth
    (Quote:Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars)
    Many different subjects.

  • LectureFox
    (Mostly physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, but look also under faculty mix. There are some great lectures there, too)

    (Many different subjects, the focus is on computer science)

  • Webcast.Berkeley
    (UC Berkeley current and archived course and recorded special events)

Not really lectures but none the less more great inspiring talks and presentations can be found here:

  • MIT World
    (Very diverse topics are covered by well-known speakers and experts in the field)
  • TED talks
    (My all-time favorite site for really great mind-expanding talks. They are short but very worth listening to. Great variety of subjects)

This list is very much mainstream and favors the large lightpost universities. Dave Cormier has written a thoughful post about the danger of the large universities dominating the educational sphere by offering open educational ressources. To foster innovation in education and thinking we really educational diversity.

So if you do know other portals that should be added as well, please add them below. Here is a link to a list of all portals that have already collected. Thank you all!

 These portals have been added so far. Thank you very much.



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