Health Care in 2020

TitleHealth Care in 2020
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsWeaver, C, Kennedy, R, W. Erdley, S, Kim, J, Chang, P, Schrader, U, Maag, M
EditorMurray, P, Park, H-A, Erdley, SE, Kim, J
Book TitleStudies in Health Technology and Informatics
Series Volume128
Pagination73 - 83
PublisherIOS Press
CityAmsterdam [u.a.]
ISBN Number978-1-58603-772-7
KeywordsEntwicklung, future, healthcare models, nurse role, Nursing informatics, Pflege

While this case study uses an example of a home health team, it is meant to describe a system in which clinicians and healthcare organizations specialize and develop expertise by performing a large volume of specific services, procedures for given medical conditions or diagnoses. We introduce the concept of "consumer as a direct employer" of healthcare services. In this model, nurses may work as independent contractors, or as a member of a team contracting out as a unit, as in our example of the Rhine Home Health Team. Nrses also may work as employees to healthcare organizations as they do today.


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