Web 2.0 explained in a flowgram

J Black shared on diigo this link to a flowgram by mseifman. In the flowgram (basically a slideshow with words) she very nicely explains concepts behing web 2.0 and some typical applications usable in education that are out there.


Wikipedia May Harm Your Computer - And Google does it too - Really?

I just did a Google search for a software tool, quicky clicked on one of the results and what happend? I got the following warning:

Wonderful! Google did alert me to a potential dangerous website. Going back to the search results I found that the alert was already given there, but I just did not read it thoroughly enough.


Development of Google Notebook terminated - Any alternatives out there?

The further development of Google Notebook, a useful tool for collecting, organizing, and sharing of web clippings is terminated (Details). While current users might still have access to the tool as is. This means practically that it is dead. Too bad, it was a very handy tool for the collections of resources during a research process. Does anyone know a good alternative?


Towards responsible use of cognitive-enhancing drugs by the healthy

In the journal nature a commentary was published on December 7th this year that took a different perspective on the use of cognitive-enhancing drugs by healthy persons. While in the past it was mainly regarded as disuse, as doping, the perspective taken by authors from universities in the USA and the UK is that cognitive enhancement can be beneficial to the individual and even society. They argue that "we should welcome new methods of improving our brain function", if three ethical concerns are taken into account:


Search the LIFE Photo Archive Using Google Image Search

Google image search has been great. Now it is possible to search the LIFE Photo Archive for their photos, many of them still unpublished. There are two ways to do so:


Congratulations: India successfully lands probe on the moon

It really has not been that much in the news, and it might not be that spectacular compared to Obama's victory. But belonging to a generation that watched the first man on the moon, for me it is still something awe-inspiring, and I can not understand, why it is not news worthy. But today India successfully landed an impact probe on the moon, thus becoming the 4th nation to deposit earthly matter there. The "carrier" of the probe Chandrayaan-1 will remain in orbit of the moon for two years to carry out scientific experiments.


Jimmy Ruska's: Top 10 Universities With Free online Courses

In preparation of my talk on open courseware and web 2.0 technologies and how and why I share my course content by web 2.0 technologies, I came across the list of the Top 10 Universities With Free Courses Online. Many thanks to Jimmy Ruska for compiling this list. The list does offer direct links to webcasts, RSS feeds, videos, podcasts, along with informations what other free resources like media players are required.


Another search tool: Scirus - for scientific information

Scirus - for scientific information This is a quote from their site: "Scirus is the most comprehensive scientific research tool on the web.


Ontology. A Resource Guide for Philosophers

If you are interested in the philosophical foundation of ontology work, the site "Ontology. A Resource Guide for Philosophers" is a very good starting point. On it Raul Corazzon has collected many resources about this topic ranging from the ancient Greek and non-western philosophers up to this time.



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