New Content Management System - Drupal

I have been using content management systems (CMS) to maintain my websites for some years. I started with postnuke. While postnuke was very good to use at first as long as default settings were used it turned out to be very much trial and error especially the access control turned out to be quite demanding to get things right. But in general it was a very reliable system. Then a new version also introduced a new way of handling themes: The move totally destroyed the layout of my pages. This gave me a chance to look at other CMS again since I figured getting the layout right would take about as long as moving to a new one. A CMS used partly by my university at that time was typo3. It was very comprehensive in its functionality. Again the start was quite easy but after the basics it came to a stall. The administration was again quite intense. Then a friend came up with a new content management systems called drupal. The things that got me interested in it were:

  • The instant support of blogs.
  • The categorisation and the underlying terminologies Since I have been working with terminologies for quite a while this came quite handy as a way to structure content and make the website easily retrievable
  • Looking at the documentation it had a high degree of interactivity already built in

So I decided to give it a try. The installation was rather straight forward. It was also mainly a matter of cut and paste to convert most of my (static) pages. So far it was very easy. Administration is very easy once the standard paths of doing things were established. A handbook was not really needed although there is one available at the drupal website. The permission setting is a lot easier than it would have been with postnuke. All my requirements could be met so far, they are quite typical, I think - postnuke was just too flexible. So far a quite usable system that I probably will like a lot. Listen to this article Listen to this article


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