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Librarians came first ...

When trying out the new Google trends gadget I used the "2.0" buzzwords I often come across or even use myself.


Darf man Wikipedia denn verwenden?

Use web 2.0 tools to prepare for a conference

A Vision of Students Today

This is a fascinating video highlighting some of the problems that will surface in universities in the coming years. The questions will be: Can we as professors cope with this development , or do we want to cope with it? I am afraid, if we don't, we will make ourselves obsolete. It is not just a question of technology. It is a question of changing the way we teach to take into account new ways of learning.


Offene Lehrveranstaltungen durch Web 2.0 Techniken

Bei dem 6. Darmstädter E-Learning Tag an der TU Darmstadt zu dem Thema "OpenLearnware - Offene Bildungsressourcen für alle" konnte ich meine Erfahrungen mit verschiedenen Web 2.0 Anwendungen im Rahmen eines Vortrags "Offene Lehrveranstaltungen mit Web 2.0 Techniken" vorstellen.


Blogs und Wikis in der Lehre: Web 2.0 für Pflegemanager

Auf dem Fachforum "Blended Learning im Sozial- und Gesundheitswesen", das dieses Mal an der FH Frankfurt - University of Applied Sciences stattfand, hatte ich die Gelegenheit bei der sehr interessanten Veranstaltung eine kleine Einführung in Web 2.0 und meine Erfahrungen bei der Verwendung von Blogs und Wikis im Rahmen meiner Veranstaltungen im Studiengang Pflegemanagement vorzustellen.


Vortrag: Lernen mit Web 2.0 Techniken

Burg StahleckAm 30./31. Mai 2008 fand der fraLine-Softskills-Workshop auf der von Dohlen bevölkerten Burg Stahleck im Weinort Bacharach statt.


Flock - It's not just a YAB (yet another browser)

I have been testing flock - a new browser - for a while now. It is an open source browser and it is quite different from firefox, ie, and the like, because it supports social networks and web 2.0 technologies. It is available for windows, linux, and mac.


Upgrade to Drupal 5.x

Yesterday I installed my first Drupal 5.x site from scratch. It was really easy. Coming from a 4.7 site the makeover of the installation procedure was impressive. The database tables were created automatically. There were hints given for possible security issues with file and folder permissions - great. Just after about 15 minutes it was up and running.



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