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CNN: "Person of the Year: You"

In a news article posted by CNN on December 17th they were looking for the person of the year 2006 and found that it was all about social networking, communities, and collaboration on the web:



Blogs: Haven't they been around for some centuries?

Reading in the wonderful Baroque Trilogy by Neal Stephenson about the activities of the scientists in the early 17 hundreds and earlier it appears that scientific progress was largely enhanced by writing letters about work in progress to collegues. It seemed to be about trying out ideas, describing problems, asking questions or answering them, discussing ideas etc. Finished work was committed to books - if at all. This activity of writing letters - isn't that how blogs and comments are working nowadays? It is only a little faster and reaching a larger (global) audience.


Website converted to Drupal (some further impressions)

Coming from Postnuke and Typo3 as my last content management systems (CMS), I have finally finished converting my website to Drupal. The conversion was partly done by direct database table transformation but mostly was done using simple cut and paste (sometimes quite a drag). This certainly would not have worked for a larger website. But for me it was easier and faster than making sure that all the database table conversion would go right.


Using Drupal with a multiaxial system of categories

When I started to migrate my collection of links from typo3 over to drupal I used the occasion to rethink about my categories. I was using a polyhierarchy to classify every link. What you will find on this website is a result of that. Some things might still change. Here are the major points:


New Content Management System - Drupal

I have been using content management systems (CMS) to maintain my websites for some years. I started with postnuke. While postnuke was very good to use at first as long as default settings were used it turned out to be very much trial and error especially the access control turned out to be quite demanding to get things right. But in general it was a very reliable system. Then a new version also introduced a new way of handling themes: The move totally destroyed the layout of my pages.



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