Erste fraMediale15' in Frankfurt

Die erste Frankfurter Bildungsmesse und Fachtagung fraMediale15' wurde erfolgreich abgeschlossen. 230 angemeldete Gäste hatten die Gelegenheit die Messestände zu besuchen und sich auf der Fachtagung zu informieren.


Vortrag: Erfahrungen mit Screencasts und Podcasts

Am 16. Juli 2009 fand das sehr interessante Fachforum: "Videos in der Lehre" in Gießen statt. Das Fachforum war gut besucht, es gab eine Reihe interessanter Themen, in denen Projekte zur Nutzung von Videos in der Lehre vorgestellt wurden. Inzwischen scheint sich dieses Medium immer mehr zu verbreiten. Als vorrangig genutzte Werkzeuge scheinen sich im Bereich der Vorlesungsaufzeichnung Lecturnity für institutionelle Projekte und Camtasia Studio für den individuellen Anwendungsbereich durchzusetzen.


Filmclip: Twitter für Lehrende - ganz ohne Worte

In einem kleinen Filmclip erläutert Alec Couros (@courosa) die Funktionsweise von Twitter und zeigt ein Beispiel der Anwendung durch Lehrende. Twitter wird ganz ohne Worte erklärt. Gelungen!


Open Educational Resources

For the educator resources on the internet are often like a double sided sword. On one side they might be very successfully applied in the teaching process, on the other side the licensing is not often clearly expressed, or access to the resource might be restricted, or even prohibitively expensive. Here freely available open educational resources become increasingly more relevant - not only for the process of formal teaching and learning in institutions dedicated to this task, but more important for self-guided learning also in the context of professional development.


LOLOL - Little Open Library of Online Learning

by mushon
I try to collect journals and books relevant or related to eLearning, online-learning, learning and technology that offer open access to the full text.

This is just a starting collection. But I hope it will grow over time.


Does e-learning 3.0 require mindset 3.0?

Steve Wheeler published a post about the new concept of e-Learning 3.0. He described four key drivers that will enable this change:


From digital divide to broadband divide

During the Easter holydays I spent a couple days in a rural area. I had planned to take my laptop along and to connect to the internet using a standard dial-up connection. I had done it last year, it was slow but feasable, if the motivation was high enough.


More recorded lectures at your fingertips - Thanks for adding to the list

A week ago I posted my list of portals of recorded academic lectures and talks with free and open access. More portals have been added by readers using my entry form. Thank you all! Here is a revised list of the portals. I did arrange them alphabetically.

  • Academic Earth
    Quote:Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars
    Many different subjects.


Your lecture might be just a few clicks away

In today's lecture we talked about the possibility to freely access recorded lectures over the internet. This can be an alternative for students, if



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