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Der Fortschritt lebt vom Austausch des Wissens
(Progress is based on the exchange of knowledge)

Open Educational Resources

For the educator resources on the internet are often like a double sided sword. On one side they might be very successfully applied in the teaching process, on the other side the licensing is not often clearly expressed, or access to the resource might be restricted, or even prohibitively expensive. Here freely available open educational resources become increasingly more relevant - not only for the process of formal teaching and learning in institutions dedicated to this task, but more important for self-guided learning also in the context of professional development.


Noch mehr frei verfügbare Bilder und Medien für Präsentationen



Google Code University

In the beginning Google started to offer a search engine for programming code. Now they are taking it even further. If you want to learn more about certain programming techniques or aspects of computer science, Google Code University might be a place you would like to visit. On this side they provide tutorials and link to course content related to  current computing technologies. While the emphasis is on web-based technologies other topics are also covered.


Report: Open Educational Practices and Resources

This report gives a very interesting overview of the current state and possible trends in open educational practices and resources. The report was compiled by the "Open e-Learning Content Observatory Services (OLCOS)" project funded by the European Commission.

One of the important messages of the report is that educational practices have to change considerably in order to make the best use of open educational resources. Barriers identified in the report include:


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