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Der Fortschritt lebt vom Austausch des Wissens
(Progress is based on the exchange of knowledge)

Open Educational Resources

For the educator resources on the internet are often like a double sided sword. On one side they might be very successfully applied in the teaching process, on the other side the licensing is not often clearly expressed, or access to the resource might be restricted, or even prohibitively expensive. Here freely available open educational resources become increasingly more relevant - not only for the process of formal teaching and learning in institutions dedicated to this task, but more important for self-guided learning also in the context of professional development.


LOLOL - Little Open Library of Online Learning

by mushon
I try to collect journals and books relevant or related to eLearning, online-learning, learning and technology that offer open access to the full text.

This is just a starting collection. But I hope it will grow over time.


Offene Lehrveranstaltungen durch Web 2.0 Techniken

Bei dem 6. Darmstädter E-Learning Tag an der TU Darmstadt zu dem Thema "OpenLearnware - Offene Bildungsressourcen für alle" konnte ich meine Erfahrungen mit verschiedenen Web 2.0 Anwendungen im Rahmen eines Vortrags "Offene Lehrveranstaltungen mit Web 2.0 Techniken" vorstellen.


Jimmy Ruska's: Top 10 Universities With Free online Courses

In preparation of my talk on open courseware and web 2.0 technologies and how and why I share my course content by web 2.0 technologies, I came across the list of the Top 10 Universities With Free Courses Online. Many thanks to Jimmy Ruska for compiling this list. The list does offer direct links to webcasts, RSS feeds, videos, podcasts, along with informations what other free resources like media players are required.


How and why do I share the content of my courses - First ideas

I have to give a presentation next week on how and why I am sharing the content of my courses. To gather some ideas I have created a mindmap with some links and examples. You can follow this link: "Sharing course material", or use the embedded version. You can drag the image around using the mouse.



Creative Commons for Dummies

Creative Commons : Spectrum of Rights


How to build your personalized open access journal (POAJ) of biomedical articles of your interest using RSS-feeds

Ever wanted to be notified, if a free full text article of your research interest is newly available in the National Library of Medicine (NLM)? Well, the NLM offers to create your own RSS feeds out of your customized searches. Here are easy step by step instructions on how to do that. Click on any image to enlarge it:

1. Go to PubMed and build your search to give you the best possible results. Perform your search.


Report: Open Educational Practices and Resources

This report gives a very interesting overview of the current state and possible trends in open educational practices and resources. The report was compiled by the "Open e-Learning Content Observatory Services (OLCOS)" project funded by the European Commission.

One of the important messages of the report is that educational practices have to change considerably in order to make the best use of open educational resources. Barriers identified in the report include:



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