Open Educational Resources

For the educator resources on the internet are often like a double sided sword. On one side they might be very successfully applied in the teaching process, on the other side the licensing is not often clearly expressed, or access to the resource might be restricted, or even prohibitively expensive. Here freely available open educational resources become increasingly more relevant - not only for the process of formal teaching and learning in institutions dedicated to this task, but more important for self-guided learning also in the context of professional development.


Evernote - my replacement for Google notebook

When Google announced the termination of the development of Google notebook, I posted on this blog asking for possible alternatives. I got several replies suggesting alternatives. @DrShock and @laikas pointed at the lifehacker blog.


Does e-learning 3.0 require mindset 3.0?

Steve Wheeler published a post about the new concept of e-Learning 3.0. He described four key drivers that will enable this change:


More recorded lectures at your fingertips - Thanks for adding to the list

A week ago I posted my list of portals of recorded academic lectures and talks with free and open access. More portals have been added by readers using my entry form. Thank you all! Here is a revised list of the portals. I did arrange them alphabetically.

  • Academic Earth
    Quote:Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars
    Many different subjects.


Welcome to the cocktail party - aka my blog

Looking back, my posts form a collection of my interests, some experiences mostly about teaching and technology, some tips, and a variety of paraphernalia, I find interesting. Along with the stuff I am interested in, I also collect stuff that could be of interest to my students. I write and collect them because I am lazy.

I use this blog as a box, where I can put stuff, I want to remember. I use keywords (look at my tagadelic) to organize them. I google my own site, if I can not find post I have written.


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