Welcome to the cocktail party - aka my blog

Looking back, my posts form a collection of my interests, some experiences mostly about teaching and technology, some tips, and a variety of paraphernalia, I find interesting. Along with the stuff I am interested in, I also collect stuff that could be of interest to my students. I write and collect them because I am lazy.

I use this blog as a box, where I can put stuff, I want to remember. I use keywords (look at my tagadelic) to organize them. I google my own site, if I can not find post I have written.

Since each keyword (tag) creates an RSS-feed associated with it, I can reuse the posts at different places (courses) without doing redundant work - the lazy me. But at the same time I like to share what I found. If you are not interested in the whole stuff, you can use the tags to find a subset of the posts that could be of interest to you.

You will probably discover that reading my all posts is like walking through a cocktail party. You can listen to many different topics - feel free to join the conversation and post a comment.


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