More recorded lectures at your fingertips - Thanks for adding to the list

A week ago I posted my list of portals of recorded academic lectures and talks with free and open access. More portals have been added by readers using my entry form. Thank you all! Here is a revised list of the portals. I did arrange them alphabetically.

  • Academic Earth
    Quote:Thousands of video lectures from the world's top scholars
    Many different subjects.

  • LectureFox
    Mostly physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, but look also under faculty mix. There are some great lectures there, too

  • MIT World
    Talks about diverse topics covered by well-known speakers and experts in the field

  • Open Yale Courses
    Free and open access to introductory courses at Yale University.

  • Princeton University WebMedia
    Long list of recorded lectures. Many subjects.

  • Royal Society TV
    Public events and prize lectures of the Royal Society

  • TED talks
    My all-time favorite site for really great mind-expanding talks. They are short but very worth listening to. Great variety of subjects.

    Many different subjects, the focus is on computer science

  • Webcast.Berkeley
    UC Berkeley current and archived course and recorded special events

  • YouTube - Edu
    Videos from colleges and university partners. Not just lectures and talks, but other videos as well.

Again, many thanks to all of you, who added to this list. It still covers to a high degree the large lightpost universities. So if you do know other portals that should be added, please use the form below. If you want to see, if your favorite portal has been added already, here is the list of all portals that have been collected so far.

Thank you very much for your input.



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