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Often it is hard to find places to search for reliable health information. Below are a couple links and search widgets to get startet.

As usual: Please consider all health information you will find on the web with appropriate care. No specific health information is endorsed by this site.


MedlinePlus is a service the the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health. Its goal is to provide trusted health information to the public.


Wo finde ich Informationen über die Influenza A/H1N1 (Schweinegrippe) in deutscher Sprache?

Die "Schweinegrippe" (H1N1) ist zur Zeit der große Renner in den Medien. Strenggenommen ist diese Bezeichnung nicht korrekt, die Influenza A/H1N1 wurde nur zum ersten Mal in einem Schwein nachgewiesen.


Swine Flu in the Media via Flackr compiled from news tweets

If you want to contrast the information sources I posted in my previous post about "Places to find information about the recent outbreak of swine flu (H1N1)" with information that is being forwarded by the media. is compiling news tweeted by news agencies on twitter. Interesting new approach to getting an overview over a topic covered in the media. See the results here:


Great Presentation: Practicing Medicine in the Web 2.0 Era by Bertalan Meskó

Bertalan Meskó  shared a great  presentation highlighting how web 2.0 will change and has already started to reshape the way health care services operate. Two questions arose when I viewed his presentation (the answer has probably been given in his presentation):


Die Gesundheitskarte - Lassen sich amerikanische Erkenntnisse übertragen?

Zwei Artikel in der März-Ausgabe des New England Journal of Medicine sind unter Umständen auch für deutsche Fragestellungen wie die Gesundheitskarte von Interesse.


Ubiquitous health care services: Microsoft's vision

Thanks to @virtuate for bringing this YouTube video to my attention. It is part of a presentation dcaron about Healthcare 2.0. It is an interesting vision that lines up very well with Microsoft's Health Vault Project of a web-based health record.


Personal Health Records and Second Life

In his twit Peter Murray asked about ideas connecting Personal Health Records (PHR) and Second Life. One idea that came to my mind is to offer a service that helps someone to understand and to find out more about the subjects concerning their personal health issues.


Does Medical Education need a Nintendo Wii!?

The entertainment industry discovered medical case based simulations. Quoting Eliot Masie from his newletter:



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