Anschauliche Dynamik sozialer Netzwerke

Gary Hayes hat auf seinem Blog eine sehr beeindruckende Illustration erstellt, die die Dynamik der Nutzung des Internet und speziell die rasante Entwicklung sozialer Netzwerke darstellt. Faszinierend!


Librarians came first ...

When trying out the new Google trends gadget I used the "2.0" buzzwords I often come across or even use myself.


Create the future

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

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Ubiquitous health care services: Microsoft's vision

Thanks to @virtuate for bringing this YouTube video to my attention. It is part of a presentation dcaron about Healthcare 2.0. It is an interesting vision that lines up very well with Microsoft's Health Vault Project of a web-based health record.


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