Librarians came first ...

When trying out the new Google trends gadget I used the "2.0" buzzwords I often come across or even use myself. Using "Health 2.0", "School 2.0", "Medicine 2.0", and "Library 2.0" as an example, I was quite amazed to find "Library 2.0" had search traffic more than a year before "Health 2.0" or "School 2.0" had enough search volume to be rankable by Google.

Library 2.0 did show up for the first time in the 2nd quarter of 2005. It took almost 1.5 years until School 2.0 (4th quarter 2006) had a rankable search volume. After another 3/4 year finally Health 2.0 appears - more than 2 years after library 2.0 had a rankable search traffic. Medicine 2.0 still does not have enough search volume for ranking, so at least for Google there is no such visible trend there yet.

At least it is not surprising, that the search volume for "Library 2.0" is so much higher than for the other terms, taking into consideration that there are many more librarians than teachers or people employed or interested in the health areas.Icon-Grin

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