Filmclip: Twitter für Lehrende - ganz ohne Worte

In einem kleinen Filmclip erläutert Alec Couros (@courosa) die Funktionsweise von Twitter und zeigt ein Beispiel der Anwendung durch Lehrende. Twitter wird ganz ohne Worte erklärt. Gelungen!


Scientists build networks using twitter

If you use Twitter already this is not new for you. But finally Twitter starts to make the German news, mostly because German celebrities are joining the crowds. The common opinion is more skeptical about it, and considers its use a waste of time.


Swine Flu in the Media via Flackr compiled from news tweets

If you want to contrast the information sources I posted in my previous post about "Places to find information about the recent outbreak of swine flu (H1N1)" with information that is being forwarded by the media. is compiling news tweeted by news agencies on twitter. Interesting new approach to getting an overview over a topic covered in the media. See the results here:


Great article by Diane Skiba on the use of twitter in education

There is a great article by Diane Skiba on the use or twitter in education. She compiles a number of examples of the use of twitter in education from several blogs. I particularly like the ideas of the One-Minute Paper, Knowledge Probe, Muddiest Point, One-Sentence Summary, and What's the Principle? It can be extremely helpful that students have to restrict themselves to  just 140 characters to express their thoughts.


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