Scientists build networks using twitter

If you use Twitter already this is not new for you. But finally Twitter starts to make the German news, mostly because German celebrities are joining the crowds. The common opinion is more skeptical about it, and considers its use a waste of time.


Towards responsible use of cognitive-enhancing drugs by the healthy

In the journal nature a commentary was published on December 7th this year that took a different perspective on the use of cognitive-enhancing drugs by healthy persons. While in the past it was mainly regarded as disuse, as doping, the perspective taken by authors from universities in the USA and the UK is that cognitive enhancement can be beneficial to the individual and even society. They argue that "we should welcome new methods of improving our brain function", if three ethical concerns are taken into account:


Congratulations: India successfully lands probe on the moon

It really has not been that much in the news, and it might not be that spectacular compared to Obama's victory. But belonging to a generation that watched the first man on the moon, for me it is still something awe-inspiring, and I can not understand, why it is not news worthy. But today India successfully landed an impact probe on the moon, thus becoming the 4th nation to deposit earthly matter there. The "carrier" of the probe Chandrayaan-1 will remain in orbit of the moon for two years to carry out scientific experiments.


Can you trust the web? Dale's pyramid debunked?

Quite often percentages of remembrance are assigned to activities like reading, seeing, hearing, ... These are often incorporated into graphics like Dale's pyramid.


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