Upgrade to Drupal 5.x

Yesterday I installed my first Drupal 5.x site from scratch. It was really easy. Coming from a 4.7 site the makeover of the installation procedure was impressive. The database tables were created automatically. There were hints given for possible security issues with file and folder permissions - great. Just after about 15 minutes it was up and running.


Website converted to Drupal (some further impressions)

Coming from Postnuke and Typo3 as my last content management systems (CMS), I have finally finished converting my website to Drupal. The conversion was partly done by direct database table transformation but mostly was done using simple cut and paste (sometimes quite a drag). This certainly would not have worked for a larger website. But for me it was easier and faster than making sure that all the database table conversion would go right.


Using Drupal with a multiaxial system of categories

When I started to migrate my collection of links from typo3 over to drupal I used the occasion to rethink about my categories. I was using a polyhierarchy to classify every link. What you will find on this website is a result of that. Some things might still change. Here are the major points:


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