Website converted to Drupal (some further impressions)

Coming from Postnuke and Typo3 as my last content management systems (CMS), I have finally finished converting my website to Drupal. The conversion was partly done by direct database table transformation but mostly was done using simple cut and paste (sometimes quite a drag). This certainly would not have worked for a larger website. But for me it was easier and faster than making sure that all the database table conversion would go right. It also did give me the chance to edit some of the content.

For me the Drupal CMS is a lot easier to work with. I rarely had to read up things in the handbook or search for instructions. The 3rd party modules I installed were easy to install and worked quite well. Everything was there that I needed. So that was very good. But in general I got the impression that the available features were more reduced to what was needed and not covering everything that would be possible. This is quite a change from Typo3. A very good system if you have the time to really get to know it well. There you would find a lot more features being made available to you. But I almost have been working a week to get a simple hierarchic linklist set up correctly. This was much easier in Drupal. Also the administration of access rights which was very error prone and took a lot of experimenting and checking when doing it in postnuke turned out to be quite simple in Drupal and met my rather simplistic demands.

So far I can say that the change was a good one and I don't regret it. I hope it will stay that way. Smile Many thanks to the developers and to everyone contributing to it.

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