Mednar - Search For Reliable Health and Medical Information on the Web

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If you use Google to find reliable health information on the web, you might end up with many sources of questionable orign. Mednar offers a way around this problem. They do a federated search through acknowledged databases or collections of medical or scientific content. See the advanced search for an overview. Since these databases generate there search results dynamically upon receipt of a database query, their content is often hidden from standard search engines. Mednar offers to search several databases with one query. The interface design is quite simple and easy to understand.

Searching is still a little slow, but the information sources seem to be very reliable and my few test runs did return relevant references. If you register you can maintain your own selections or create alerts that emails search results at customizable intervals. This seems to be another valuable search engine for health information.

I would prefer to have an RSS-feed for my alerts rather than an email, it would be easier to integrate.

Thanks to Starpath for posting this on his "My web 2.0 collection" blog.

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