Wikipedia May Harm Your Computer - And Google does it too - Really?

I just did a Google search for a software tool, quicky clicked on one of the results and what happend? I got the following warning:

Wonderful! Google did alert me to a potential dangerous website. Going back to the search results I found that the alert was already given there, but I just did not read it thoroughly enough.

But then again looking more closely at the results, every link found had this warning attached! Even a wikipedia entry that was found for my search term. Is more of wikipedia potential harmful? Again I tried another google search just for the terms "statistics" and "wikipedia".

Even going to this term may harm my computer. Is wikipedia really harmful? So many people have always been saying that. Now even Google joined in. But every other entry found was also flagged as potentially harmful.

Well I tried another search, this time for "google" and "search". Every result was again flagged as potential harmful, even all the search engines in the different countries like The same applied for the specialized searches like google image search.

I think Google finally discovered it - using the internet can be harmful, at least for my computer. Shall I disconnect it?

Have a happy day

P.S. @laikas by RT @staticnrg pointed me towards the Security Fix blog explaining what was really going on. And here is what Google said about the "this site may harm your computer" message. Well, maybe the internet is not so bad after all. ;-)


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