Development of Google Notebook terminated - Any alternatives out there?

The further development of Google Notebook, a useful tool for collecting, organizing, and sharing of web clippings is terminated (Details). While current users might still have access to the tool as is. This means practically that it is dead. Too bad, it was a very handy tool for the collections of resources during a research process. Does anyone know a good alternative?

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Give UberNote a try. We are working on a Google Notebook importer

Zotero might be an interestingalternative. It offers a firefox plugin that also goes along well with the flock browser.

Give Evernote a try

If you want to collect clips from websites, Diigo might be another solution. Firstly it allows to collect and tag bookmarks. But it also makes it possible to highlight parts of a website and to add annotations to a website. It supports the creation of lists and groups.

Here are some more tools, thanks to @DrShock and @laikas, who pointed at the lifehacker blog, that might be interesting to look at:

Thank you all for commenting. I will evaluate the tools soon and tell you my decision.Ulrich 

You can also build your own with Drupal. We've got a prototype up at it uses bookmarklets to submit the page to your knowledge management system, so it's not as sleek as a browser plugin. But that can be built of course. And since it's Drupal you have all configurations in your hands. also has some semantic web background, so that you can build an rdf schema vocabulary from the materials that are submitted. All very alpha, if you are interested check out the demo on our blog at

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