Kommerzielle Statistikpakete bieten einen sehr großen Funktionsumfang, sind aber in der Regel recht teuer, so dass bei einer sehr seltenen Nutzung, etwa anlässlich eines Kurses, überlegt werden muss, ob sich die Investition lohnt. Es gibt aber auch spezielle Ausgaben für Studenten.


Development of Google Notebook terminated - Any alternatives out there?

The further development of Google Notebook, a useful tool for collecting, organizing, and sharing of web clippings is terminated (Details). While current users might still have access to the tool as is. This means practically that it is dead. Too bad, it was a very handy tool for the collections of resources during a research process. Does anyone know a good alternative?


Looking for an free and open source mindmapping solution?

If you want to do mindmapping and are seeking a good and free solution FreeMind might be a candidate. It runs in the Java Runtime Environment so it is operating system independent.

Main Page - FreeMind - free mind mapping software


Dia - Open Source Flowcharting

If you need to do flowcharting, Dia is an open source tool that works similar to the Windows Visio. So if your are looking for a nice solution. This might be it.

Dia - GNOME Live!

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