Updated: Information sources about influenza A/H1N1 (swine flu)

Similar information in German.

Swine flu A (H1N1) seems to make big news now and then. Since only spectacular news are good news, it might be a good idea to go to other places additionally, where the information is not so much biased towards being news worthy and has a higher chance of being reliable. My interactive graph and map of the development of influenza A (H1N1) with recent data from the WHO.

Here is an interactive website to do a flu Self-Assessment based on material from Emory University and provided by microsoft.
Could I have H1N1 flu (swine flu)

The National Health Service NHS of the UK does offer a similar service on a website
Swine flue symptom checker


Further Maps

  • WHO Interactive Map of influenza A/H1N1 cases worldwide
  • Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) - Human cases of influenza A/H1N1 in the Americas
    Interactive Map
  • H1N1 FluTracker - Map that shows the spread of the influenca
  • HealthMap - Global Disease Alert Map also maps influenca.
  • If you are interested in official information about the recent outbreak of swine flu in Mexico and the U.S., there are a few places that offer good information. To find more than I have listed below, just take a look at the homepage of the institutions, as important news will be posted there probably.

World Health Organization (WHO) -

Center of Disease Control 

Information by the National Library of Medicine

Center for Biosecurity (University of Pittburgh Medical Center)

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

The Cochrane Library

Swine Flu Outbreak on Wikipedia

Google Flu shot finder
Google launched a flu shot finder to help people find places where they can get their fall flu shots. Only 20 states in the US are covered so far (Nov 2009). They plan to expand the service to all 50 states www.google.com/flushot.

List of disease surveilance programs




Thanks for the graphics, they help to visualize the data.

Thank you for your kind comment. The diagrams have been moved to "Interactive graph and map of the development of influenza A(H1N1)" to help with  the maintainability.

Nice Information.. thanks for posting! We really appreciate your effort in posting this article. I know that this worldwide disease can be stopped if prevented.

A(H1N1) Virus commonly known as Swine flu seems to make big news all over the world right now. Knowledge on how to prevent such illness will surely help us avoid this killer virus. This such a nice post you got here. I really appreciate you effort on spreading this information. Good job!

. The first vaccine released in early October 2009 was a nasal spray vaccine. It is approved for use in healthy individuals ages 2 through 49. This vaccine consists of a live attenuated H1N1 virus and should not be used in anyone who is pregnant or immunocompromised. The injectable vaccine, made from killed H1N1, became available in the second week of October. This vaccine is approved for use in ages 6 months to the elderly, including pregnant females.

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This dangerous disease was uncontrollable but thanks to information like this we were able to minimize the spread.

What is the latest on a(H1N1) flu? I never hear any public service announcements about swine flu in the news anymore. Is the influenza controlled by vaccinations or is it still a threat (even if only in certain parts of the world)? I realize this post is old... I'd be interested in some updates though! Nevertheless, great post (a nice collection of information on the subject).

Pretty quiet so far. H1N1 has been added to the standard flu vaccine (at least in Germany)

Tons of great info, especially googles approach to flu trends.

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