Using Drupal with a multiaxial system of categories

When I started to migrate my collection of links from typo3 over to drupal I used the occasion to rethink about my categories. I was using a polyhierarchy to classify every link. What you will find on this website is a result of that. Some things might still change. Here are the major points:


New Content Management System - Drupal

I have been using content management systems (CMS) to maintain my websites for some years. I started with postnuke. While postnuke was very good to use at first as long as default settings were used it turned out to be very much trial and error especially the access control turned out to be quite demanding to get things right. But in general it was a very reliable system. Then a new version also introduced a new way of handling themes: The move totally destroyed the layout of my pages.


ENI 2006 - 5. Europäischer wissenschaftlicher Kongress für Pflegeinformatik wirft seine Schatten voraus

EUROPEAN NURSING INFORMATICS - ENI 2006 Fünfter Europäischer wissenschaftlicher Kongress für Pflegeinformatik FH Osnabrück, Deutschland; 27.09.06- 29.09.06 Der Kongress ist ein Muss für alle, die sich für Pflegeinformatik interessieren. Neben Vorträgen zu den Themen



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