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Change your email-address: yes, no, or never?!

Great TED Talk by Barry Schwartz: The real crisis? We stopped being wise.

Again another great TED talk. Barry Schwartz talks about the need for practical wisdom. Bureaucracy and its rules make tend to oppress practical wisdom. Practical wisdom is knowing when to break the rules.


EU Report: Video games are acknowledged to be potentially good for kids

I found this draft report on the protection of consumers, in particular minors, in respect of the use of video games (2008/2173(INI)) by the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection. It does contain some interesting statements about the beneficial effects of videogames, that have been all over the web. Let me quote a few:


A vision of e-learning (1964)

@courosa brought this great video clip to my attention. See how e-learning was envisioned in 1964.



The context makes the information

iTunes U - iTunes University - Online courses for your iPod or mp3-player

If you want to brush up on your English and want to learn and study at the same time, iTunes U might be the place to go. Several universities offer their courses or lectures freely on iTunes. Here is a collection. Please feel free to comment, if I forgot to mention another university.


Great article by Diane Skiba on the use of twitter in education

There is a great article by Diane Skiba on the use or twitter in education. She compiles a number of examples of the use of twitter in education from several blogs. I particularly like the ideas of the One-Minute Paper, Knowledge Probe, Muddiest Point, One-Sentence Summary, and What's the Principle? It can be extremely helpful that students have to restrict themselves to  just 140 characters to express their thoughts.



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