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Looking back, my posts form a collection of my interests, some experiences mostly about teaching and technology, some tips, and a variety of paraphernalia, I find interesting. Along with the stuff I am interested in, I also collect stuff that could be of interest to my students. I write and collect them because I am lazy.

I use this blog as a box, where I can put stuff, I want to remember. I use keywords (look at my tagadelic) to organize them. I google my own site, if I can not find post I have written.


Why our digits look the way they do?

We use them every day, but did you know why they look this way? Short video explaining the design of the digits 0, 1, 2,  ...  Did you realize the 7 is missing in the explanation? (Thanks @courosa)



Search universities for resources

A simple way to find resources published by universities or academic institutions is to use the Google search. The site parameter can be used to restrict the search to the academic domain, if such a domain is defined in the country you are interested in. Unfortunately not all countries do have an academic top level domain. Canada or Germany for example do not have such a top level domain.


Great Presentation: Practicing Medicine in the Web 2.0 Era by Bertalan Meskó

Bertalan Meskó  shared a great  presentation highlighting how web 2.0 will change and has already started to reshape the way health care services operate. Two questions arose when I viewed his presentation (the answer has probably been given in his presentation):


How Google Health and HealthVault Apps Integrate with other Systems

Both Google Health and Microsoft HealthVault offer an API  to integrate other systems, eg. systems of health care providers. This is necessary for Google and Microsoft  to provide personal computerized health records (PCHR) with added value services.


Your lecture might be just a few clicks away

In today's lecture we talked about the possibility to freely access recorded lectures over the internet. This can be an alternative for students, if


Use web 2.0 tools to prepare for a conference

A Vision of Students Today - The discussion started

A Vision of Students Today

This is a fascinating video highlighting some of the problems that will surface in universities in the coming years. The questions will be: Can we as professors cope with this development , or do we want to cope with it? I am afraid, if we don't, we will make ourselves obsolete. It is not just a question of technology. It is a question of changing the way we teach to take into account new ways of learning.


Ubiquitous health care services: Microsoft's vision

Thanks to @virtuate for bringing this YouTube video to my attention. It is part of a presentation dcaron about Healthcare 2.0. It is an interesting vision that lines up very well with Microsoft's Health Vault Project of a web-based health record.



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